Odds and Ends

Farewell Brandy

Deputy Brandy Winfields Funeral Procession

Fire School Graduation


View their profiles, Josh and Tobin

See the bigger Sparky

Me as Sparky the fire dog in 1998

Wade and Steve

Steve and Wade talking at the Carrol's Fire

Capt. Redd

Capt. Redd remembering his old wrestling days

Pictures and Video Colonial Ave. Fire (2/15/03)

Past Champions 2 years ago Jimmy


Gumby Training? Or Fat guy in a little suit?


Puttin' out the fire

This is me
This is me at 22 months old driving the chief's car, just goes to show anyone can drive a chief's car !!


The scenic route

New Apron at station #1

No trucks in Station #1? We are getting a new apron to support our new 85' Smeal Platform, so the trucks are parked out back.



Can you find our chief in this picture?

Fire Warrior

Helmet mounted Fire-Warrior Thermal Imaging Camera on station for demo

Pictures from the Marion Twp. fire by my grampa

Billy using ice picks

Cold Water Rescue training at McKinley Lake

Thanks to Bob Harbin for this picture

A picture of our Honor Guard

Picture from PC Zwolle

Doctor's office Drive Through!

Click for larger image

Thanks to Bob Harbin for the picture of the Firefighters Motorcycle on display Daytona

Click for larger image

Thanks to Platoon Chief Zwolle for some of the pictures on this site, he gets the pictures as he arrives on scene.

Nice Hat !!!!!!!

Platoon Chief Zwolle at Fire School with Mike Crabtree in the background
View the photo gallery

We are accepting bids for an 85' platform but the 100' is about the same except for ladder size

100' midmount platform demo from Smeal was at the station on Wednesday. Very nice Truck!

Click to view photo gallery

Thanks to Todd for these pictures from tonight (7/28/03) at Ohio Galvanizing. Read the story from the Marion Star

Yes that is water

The Unsuspecting Rookie


Pictures and Video
Colonial Ave. Fire (2/15/03) Video

The graduates

Picture courtesy of Bethany

Picture of the Mobile Safety House at Olney School

Pape and Zwolle
An old Marion Star Picture

Car fire

A small car fire


City garage fire

Night time

Night View

Carrol's Jewelry Fire

Day View

Click for Larger image

Upon arrival at Mound St.

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